TFF 2020 Kaiju Assembly

Thanks for being a Furry Fiesta 2020 Super Sponsor! Are you ready to save furrydom from the kaiju? Read on for assembly instructions for your puzzle. Tag your photos of your kaiju on social media as @ComterFab or #ComterFab

In Your Bag:
If for some reason a part gets damaged or you have a question about assembly, please come back and see our table in the Dealer’s Room at Comter Fabrications.

Step 1
Start with Z2 (the spiked back) and add part Y1 to it as shown in the photo:

Step 2
Add part Y2 as shown in the picture:

Step 3
Add part Y3 as shown in the picture:

Step 4
Hold the Z2 piece by one of the spikes and slide Z1 up into the slots for that part. The end result should look the same as in the picture, when set back down on a flat surface:

Step 5: Finished!
Pinch the spikes and the top of part Z1 to hold up the Y pieces in place while sliding the Z3 part into the slots. After setting it back down, it should look the same as in this photo:

Step After Finished: Googly Eyes!
Yeah, we couldn’t resist including googly eyes as they just made us laugh. There are small (realistic?) sized eyes and large (silly?) eyes. They can be peeled off if you decide against them but some adhesive residue may be left behind that can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

Tips & Tricks
If the model fits together loosely, a small dab of superglue in the slots can make the puzzle permanently assembled.

Pinch the puzzle by the logo to pick up the puzzle without any Z pieces falling away from the Y pieces.
Got any tips and tricks of your own? Let us know with our Contact form. We’d love to hear how you’ve enjoyed your kaiju puzzle.